What is Off World Depot? How Does it Work?

An overview of Off World Depot's plan, purpose, and how you can get involved.

I started Off World Depot for 3 main reasons

1. Passion

Creating environments and props is like reading a book. As artists, we get to live inside a different world for a while. I created this site so I can focus more of my time working on environments and improving my craft.

2. Opportunity

We're living through the early days of AI, and there are a lot of cool opportunities with that. However, there's also risk we lose that "human touch" in art. That's why one of Off World Depot's core values is to provide opportunities to artists.

Valuing artists means taking our profits and hiring artists. It means placing artists in experiences where they get hands on work. It means not only hiring artists but also building mentorship environments where they can get feedback from other professionals. It's also a home for my courses, and eventually, courses from other artists.

3. Freedom for Artists

There's a reason I keep the pricing low for the site. There's a reason I don't have tricky point systems that delete your credits when you don't use them or charge an unrealistic number of points per asset. There's a reason I hire artists and let them retain all rights to their work. I believe when we share openly, good things come around. Off World Depot's mission is first to create great assets and opportunities for artists. Every other goal, including financial goals, is in support of that mission.

At Off World Depot, we're committed to providing high-quality 3D assets to the world. We're equally committed to creating a community where artists can learn, grow, and thrive. With a focus on valuing artists and creating opportunities, we believe that Off World Depot can be a catalyst for change in the world of 3D asset creation and environment art.

Now you know what it is, how does it work?

Everything starts with the OWD Workshop. This is a group of professional artists coming together to create asset packs. Off World Depot hires artist with funds collected from the website subscriptions. If you'd like to apply to join the workshop and browse job boards, you can do so here. The more subscribers we get on the site, the more artists we give opportunities to, and the faster the library grows.


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