OWD Asset Standards

Off World Depot assets are top quality, realistic first person | AAA quality game assets.

All assets (unless specifically mentioned) include the following:

  • Realistic first person | AAA quality
  • High quality and fidelity texture sets - 2048 pixels +
  • Low-poly & nanite versions
  • Damaged & Clean variations (where applicable)
  • Channel packed AO | Roughness | Metalness
  • Fully detailed from every angle
  • No legal/IP issues | logos & brands are custom made
  • Single Unreal Engine 5+ file
  • Single Blender 4.0+ file (each object marked as asset for asset browser)
  • fbx & obj geometry files


  • Assets should have a simple, clear and concise titles.
  • Assets should not contain hateful, sexually explicit, overly graphic or overly violent content. We do accept horror genre content, but we strive to keep it on a “PG-13” level.
  • The asset must not include copyright or trademarked names, or any other intellectual property that you as the artist do not own or have the rights to license.
  • Submitted products are subject to review.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove any product from our library at any time, for any or no reason. However, we value collaboration and strive to work through any content-related issues with artists.


  • Geometry should be free of normal and shading issues or artifacts
  • Assets that advertise modular use should have well-positioned pivot points for seamless assembly.
  • We do not enforce strict poly-counts. Poly counts differ according to the type and scale of object. As a general rule, we encourage artists to keep poly counts as minimal as reasonably possible.
  • Modular assets should be easily aligned on a standard 10cm grid
  • Assets should fit real-world scale wherever possible.
  • Mesh should be optimized at the triangle level.

UVs & Textures

  • No overlapping or wrapping UVs
  • Textures are free of visual seams and artifacts

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