Asked Questions

How can I sell my assets on this site?

Off World Depot is a curated library, not a general marketplace. As such, we're highly selective of the artists who participate in asset production and sales. If you're interested in creating with us, you can visit our production application page. We are not always actively seeking out new production artists, but artist who apply will be added to a list of artists for review. If selected, you will be invited to participate in our profit sharing asset production program.

What file types do your assets come in?

All of our assets are available in a minimum of .fbx and .obj format, with a single textures folder containing a set of PBR maps. We include separate PBR maps as well as channel packed maps in the ARM (ORM) standard format for optimized use in game engines. We include both OpenGL and DirectX normal map format for our assets as well. Assets come with a variety of texture resolutions from 4k all the way down to 512x512px.

Can I use your assets in my commercial projects?

In short, yes. As long as you are in compliance with the license agreement we request all users to agree to when creating an account on this site. A detailed breakdown of permissible asset use can be found here in that agreement.

Can I sell your assets as my own?

No. When subscribing to this site, you are not purchasing ownership of any assets. You are purchasing a limited license to use the assets in your personal and commercial projects in accordance with our EULA. You are not aloud to sell or distribute assets from this site, unless the specific situation is expressly allowed in the EULA. One example of a permissible situation would be selling a game which contains assets from our library. Please read the EULA linked above for more details.

Can I sell a game that contains assets from your library?

Yes, more details surrounding this, or similar situations can be read through in our EULA.